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Traffic Lab DIY Online Marketing For Entrepreneurs

Identify the most profitable online marketing opportunities for your business and implement a campaign yourself so that you start to receive more profitable website traffic in 72 days or less.

Is Your Website Delivering the
Traffic You Need?

If you’re a business owner you’ll probably know that stressful moment when you realize you aren’t getting enough new business in the door, and the time to fix that was yesterday.

But you’re still not sure what’s the best thing to do about it – because online marketing tech is difficult, you don’t have the time to learn it, you don’t have a big budget and you’re not sure where to start.

We help entrepreneurs create a reliable and predictable flow of High Quality visitors to their websites so they can create more FREEDOM to enjoy their life outside of business, knowing that their website is working for them, 24/7.

With Traffic Lab you’ll identify the most profitable online marketing opportunities for your business and implement your own campaign so that you start to receive more profitable website traffic in 72 days or less. You’ll be able to run your own campaigns, month after month, year after year.

Not long ago, if you wanted to reach a global audience, you needed a global ad budget and a global agency.

But now you can use online tools to reach people anywhere in the world. Of the 7.7 billion people on the planet, half have access to the internet and your message. And now you’re in control of your marketing, no longer at the mercy of global giants.

The internet is the great equalizer, small business owners have more opportunity than ever before to reach clients, anywhere.

Market like a Pro!

Many business owners we talk to want to handle some or all of their online marketing in-house and we’ve always helped make that happen.

Now with Traffic Lab, you can take full control of  your online marketing, maximizing your use of free marketing tools like social media, email, website optimization and blogging along with paid Facebook and Google campaigns.

In 2008 I started online marketing of my first directory website. I used social media, Google search ads, search engine optimization, email and blogs. Facebook ads were yet to be invented.

However, I saw that the internet dream of small business owners reaching a global audience was still beyond the grasp of most. Why was that? People find online marketing tools to be complex, the tech can seem difficult, people aren’t sure which tools to use and it’s not easy to construct an end to end online marketing campaign. So people pick a tool a try it. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.

Many small business owners have tried online ads but didn’t get the results they were hoping for, and often they didn’t even break even. And they aren’t sure why. Sound familiar?

Yet, we all know that great success is possible with online marketing, once you know what kind of campaign to create, how to target your ideal customer and where to find them.

By 2012 my online marketing agency was creating online marketing campaigns for our directory clients.

I got busier and busier, but I wanted to continue to help more business people overcome their marketing challenges – so I created Traffic Lab for business owners who want to take charge of their online marketing – DIY.

– Rob Turner

What You Will Learn

Everything you’ll learn and do in Traffic Lab is tried and tested. What we teach you is based on what we do for clients in our digital agency and what we do to market our own directory businesses, so we know it works.

No theory, only proven tactics and strategies. We teach what works.

Assess and understand your website traffic and online presence

  • Measure and assess your traffic and online presence
  • Identify your online opportunities and roadblocks
  • Assess your traffic and your online performance vs competitors including website, keywords, search and social media

Identify your best online marketing channel, the one where you’ll receive the highest return​

  • Identify your best prospects and where you can reach them
  • Identify the best online marketing channel to reach your best prospects

Implement your Campaign

  • Create the resources you’ll need – messages, themes, words and images
  • Tech – Easy set-up of a few technical elements for an effective and profitable campaign
  • Put it all together and launch your campaign
  • Monitor, review, analyse. Pursue the best opportunities.

How much money are you losing by not knowing how to run the best online campaigns?

Imagine being able to create traffic, leads and income on demand!

  • Facebook ads done right to get results
  • Google search and display ads. Pick the low hanging fruit – if people are looking online for what you offer, then you need to know about Google search ads
  • SEO, Analytics and Keywords. Be found and get clicks in free search
  • Email marketing for sales and nurturing campaigns
  • Facebook retargeting – reach people who are interested in what you offer
  • Google remarketing value – reach people who are interested in what you offer
  • A Facebook Business Page That Converts visitors into leads, contacts and inquiries – Optimize Facebook biz page
  • Using your personal Facebook page to support your business
  • Facebook Live video – reach more people for free
  • Social media for business, major platforms and how to use them to grow your business
  • Micro Influencer Marketing
  • Content Writing & SEO. Find out what people want to read, write about it and be found in search
  • Intro to List building and funnels – converting website visitors into leads and sales
  • Intro to Messenger Bots for Marketing and 24/7 customer service
  • LinkedIn native video and ads. How to be found and visible on LinkedIn
  • 45 minute one on one pre-launch consult call for your first DIY Facebook or Google ad campaign.

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What Our Clients Say

Case Studies

A central city venue needed more bookings, things were quiet.

We identified their most lucrative bookings. It’s a popular place for parties. Big O birthday parties  – 30ths, 40ths, 50ths and also 21sts – are big parties which means bigger bar sales and bigger profits.

We created a Facebook ad campaign targeting people who were currently 20, 29, 39 and 49 years old, living within a 15-mile radius of the venue, showcasing awesome birthday celebrations.

We ran Facebook retargeting ads to people who responded to the initial ads, using a follow-on message.

The response was huge – the venue was booked out for Friday and Saturday nights 6 months out. That had never happened before.

For this client, Facebook ads and retargeting were the best channel.

We were talking with a small family business that manufactures, sells and leases machinery used on construction and industrial sites.

They compete with 2 well-resourced international companies which use Google search ads. I noticed that the competitors’ websites were not doing very well in free search – it was obvious that they hadn’t optimized their websites to be found in free search (SEO). Instead, they were relying on buying keywords – Google search ads.

We decided on a simple plan that would be quick to implement with a high potential return. Their website didn’t have many pages and had little content so we decided on a quick search engine optimization, starting with a few main elements. That night I undertook keyword research and wrote home page content.

It usually takes awhile for optimization to deliver more free search traffic but in this case there was little competition for the main keywords. Opportunity!

Even before we had completed the site optimization (tags etc), the new home page content was having an immediate impact – the phone started ringing, they received more inquiries than ever before.

For this client, keyword-based marketing was the best channel.

A client introduced a new product in a niche with high consumer demand and premium margins. There was fierce competition.

Our client’s competitors and their branded products were already well established. Keyword research showed people even searching for competitors’ product names.

Sales of the new product did not start well for our client despite attractive pricing. Competing products were selling very well so we knew the consumer demand was there.

We decided on an online advertising campaign. We couldn’t get specific enough targeting with Facebook ads so instead, we focused on gaining a deep understanding of why people buy this product and what words they were searching for online. Not the actual product, but why people want it.

  • What problems were customers trying to solve?
  • What pain were they trying to avoid?
  • What advantages and benefits were they trying to gain?
  • What problems were customers trying to solve?

We created a keyword triggered Google search ad campaign.

We used researched keywords at every step from the keyword auctions to the ad copy to the landing page, which is essential for Google search ad performance. Google require it and customers respond to it.

Sales started rising steadily and have kept on rising.

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