Rob Turner

Managing Director

I built a 7-figure financial services business in a very competitive sector, and I did it with superior marketing and delivery. I exited in my 40s retired for 5 years by which time I was bored and hungry for a new challenge. So I started building businesses again, in funds management, online publishing and online marketing. I sold out of finance and am solely focused on digital businesses.

I have 2 university degrees, one in the soft skills that I use in my work including linguistics, social sciences and arts; and the other in the hard skills including investment markets, corporate finance and economics. My financial background keeps me focused on return on investment in your marketing campaigns.

I am often asked to join and chair company and charity boards. Recently I was Chairman of our city’s Alzheimer’s and Dementia organization and I am currently a board member for a community based astronomy organization – think star gazing and telescopes. I also have experience in personal development facilitation.

I have been successfully self-employed since the 1980s. These days I own and run Turner Media Ltd Group which operates The Marble Board, a digital marketing agency, Prosperity Lab which runs online courses including Traffic Lab an online marketing resource, and a number of leading online Directories including Venues directories and The International Coach Registry.

I have created and run a number of successful businesses, from start-up to exit and I am a VC investor.

I have shaped our digital businesses into virtual businesses, which enables me to travel as I work. I have been living in countries that I love since 2016. This includes India where I am involved in pro bono work for micro business start-ups and charity work. I am also assessing a small scale village tech/environmental project in Africa.