A Website That Converts Browsers Into Buyers

Once you get the right people to your website, what next? How many leave before connecting with your business in some way?

What is a visitor worth to you? Are your website visitors growing your business in the way you want?

When someone visits your website, you want them to take a specific action such as join your list, call you, engage, browse or buy something – you’re seeking a conversion. Otherwise, what’s the point of having a website?

You have a mere 3 to 7 seconds to get people’s attention before they leave your site, usually for good. Over half of all website visits last less than 15 seconds.

Getting Your Website To Perform

When a person lands on your website’s home page, their brain seeks specific info in a specific sequence. You have to start providing it within 3 to 7 seconds before attention is lost.

When you give people the right info in the right order, you increase the chance that they’ll listen to you.

Get the sequence wrong and you risk turning people away before you have a chance to engage them, before you can convert.

The 5 step Sequence

  1. Get noticed
  2. What is it?
  3. Why should I care?
  4. More information
  5. Make a decision.

In 2003, brand expert Marty Neumeier wrote “The Brand Gap,” a book in which he identified the 5 steps to sell packaged consumer goods in supermarkets. It quickly became apparent that Marty was onto something, he had identified a formula that works just as well online as in store.

In fact, he had identified 5 things that our brain needs to know and the order in which we need to know them, when we encounter something new – such as your website  – and without the info or if it’s presented in the wrong order – we’re likely to click away, probably never to return.

  • How many website visitors are you losing every day?
  • How many bounces do you get – i.e. one page visits?
  • How many website visitors do you have in total vs people who convert, i.e. take the action you want?

The 5 Steps Sales Sequence As It Applies To Your Website

  1. Get noticed within 3 to 7 seconds before people lose interest. You’ll get noticed by using the right visual elements on your website landing page
  2. What is it? What do you do? Do you have something of interest to me? People need to quickly see what it is that you do. You convey that through branding and headlines, it needs to be apparent above the fold – without scrolling down the page
  3. Why should I care? Once someone understands what you do, they want to know specifically what you can do for them. Why it matters to them. Why they should listen. You tell them with your words – your messaging and your copy
  4. Only after you’ve guided people through these first 3 stages will they be interested in the “tell me more” details of your offers, deliverables and benefits that they will receive when they work with you
  5. Only then will people consider “should I buy?” Or should I offer up my email address or read more. Here you provide info – features, price, terms, guarantees etc.

Once people get to that point, you make a Call to Action, a CTA. These come in various forms depending on your business and your website design.

There are 5 main types of CTA.s To Action – CTAs – Which One Describes Your Website’s Purpose?

  1. Call Us CTAs  – Ring us right now, book a consultation, instant chat
  2. List Building CTAs – Join my email list, join my messenger list
  3. Buying CTAs – Buy now
  4. Engagement CTAs – Like, follow, comment, share
  5. Browsing CTAs – Welcome, see what’s on offer here. Learn more about us, get to know; like and trust us.

In Traffic Lab you’ll learn exactly how to create a website landing page using the 5 essential steps.

You’ll learn how to create powerful Calls to Action so that website visitors take the action you want on your website – call you, join your list, browse, engage or buy something.

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