Dry January - Coming Again in 2025
One Month Alcohol-Free


Revive, Refresh, and Rejuvenate

Elevate Your Wellbeing

Unlock New Horizons

Unleash Your Potential

Stay Dry this month, do yourself a favor.

Benefit from free resources and info along the way.

This is a Free one month challenge with daily emails and much more.

Elevate Your Wellbeing, Revive, Refresh, Rejuvenate

A Month  of Reflection,
A Lifetime of Rewards

Clear  Mind & Bright  Future

Unlock New Horizons

Challenge Yourself

The Dry Challenge simply means drinking no alcohol for one month.

A month of no alcohol. That’s it. Could you do this?

Unlock New Horizons: This Month Is Your Journey to Self-Discovery!

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Why Might You Want to Do This?

Perhaps you want to challenge yourself – to see if you can do it? Perhaps you want to improve your wellbeing?

Reasons You Might Be Thinking NO!

Did you have an instant reaction to the idea of a Dry Month?

Here are some of the reasons people immediately think NO:

But saying YES to a The Dry Challenge is easy!

You might be thinking...

that ‘drinking is fun – it really is!’ And it can be, but you’re giving up for one month, not the rest of your life. We often have alcohol at times and events that are fun – celebrations, vacations, so we associate alcohol with fun. 

Or maybe you’re thinking “I’ll do it next year”. But deep down, you know you’ll say the same thing next year.

You might also be thinking...

The social pressure of not drinking would be too great, could you deal with this? We’ll provide useful strategies to deal with that!

I drink to relax. How would I deal with my  stressful life? We can show you heaps of other ways to de-stress and relax!

You’ll miss out on all the  fun. We’ll show you how to get rid of that FOMO and learn how to have fun… without alcohol. 

Worried you might not last a month?

Don’t worry, we have great news for you?

There’s no need to be hard on yourself. We’ll get into the habit of being gentle with ourselves.

We’re here to feel better about ourselves, not to beat ourselves up.

Your mission, should you decide to accept it,
is to commit to a Dry Month - Drink no alcohol for a month.
That’s it!!

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Reset your thinking and drinking    |    A time for reflection on where you’re at    |    A chance to explore new ideas    |    Create a new future    |    Take the first step

Why do we drink and why am I doing
The Dry Challenge? 

I’m Rob Turner, Head Coach of The Dry Challenge.

There are many reasons why people drink. It’s fun, and it’s often associated with good times, parties, celebrations.

But there are downsides as, well I have to tell you, basically, alcohol is not good for the body. It’s a toxin. And it’s associated with increased accident rates. 

So why do we do it?

There are many reasons and we’ll be looking at this in more detail during The Dry Challenge. Here are some fundamental conclusions that I’ve reached, about why we drink.

We drink, take drugs and maybe even shop to distract ourselves from our current circumstances. Unfortunately, after the initial buzz, if there is one, we return to our selves and have gained nothing. 

In a bigger sense, I realized that if we prefer how we feel when we are drinking to how we feel in our ordinary everyday lives, our ordinary reality, then we might prefer to keep on drinking.

In this case, the issue is that we don’t really like our everyday life, our current circumstances. We’ll look into this – how to create a more enjoyable life. 

Another reason is to avoid or subdue unpleasant feelings, thoughts or worries. Or maybe past trauma. 

One of the main reasons I made The Dry Challenge is to help people evaluate how they feel about their life and to look at ways to be happier, to have more fun, to experience more joy. If you feel better about your everyday life, you’ll be much happier and maybe you’ll drink less or less often.

That’s it! 

Over time, it’s so easy to slip into drinking a few more nights a week and to having a few more drinks. Over the years this can accumulate.

We kinda know it’d be good to cut it down a bit, but there’s always tomorrow… We know that alcohol isn’t really good for us, after all it’s actually a toxin, but hey, it’s fun!! 

For me, there’s a period before dinner in the evening when I really feel like a beer or a glass of wine, which tends to become more wine with dinner and then, well, I may as well finish the bottle. I’ve noticed that this desire passes if I don’t have a drink before I eat, and after I eat I’m much less interested in having a drink. 

I’d like to snap out of that and a month off will help with that.

I used to have a wine cellar and well-stocked bar featuring single malt whisky. I still love a glass or two of wine and an occasional whisky. But I am reflecting on the part that I want alcohol to play in my life, going forward.

Why am I doing this, running The Free Dry Challenge?

One of my main motivations, as I mentioned above, is to help people explore how they feel about their everyday life and what they can do to make it more fun, more enjoyable. 

My insight is that one reason people drink is to distract themselves from their current circumstances – because they feel better when they are drinking than they do in their everyday existence. Wouldn’t it be cool if we could upgrade how we feel in our day to day life? Then drinking would become much more of a choice, one option among many. 

I’ve been thinking about the part that alcohol plays in our lives – our health and wellbeing. I was wondering what it would be like to stop for just a month and then I realised that many others would be interested in doing this too, especially if we made it easy and fun, so I came up with daily emails, community, info and support along the way. 

In our “day jobs” we create websites, use email software and reach people online, so we’re well-positioned to do it.

Why free? 

Along with our free resources we have some paid resources. Perhaps these will be valuable to some people once they have joined us on the The Dry Challenge Journey, and maybe they’ll be interested in my approach to finding more happiness and joy in their daily lives.

A Month of Reflection, A Lifetime of Rewards!

Clear Mind, Bright Future: The Dry Challenge Illuminates Your Path!

I guarantee to do my level best to support you in this journey
with daily emails, tips, free downloads, zoom meetings,
community and much more.

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Daily emails and inspirations throughout the month

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You’ll have access to free resources on these topics:

Socialising when not drinking

Social anxiety

Anxiety and alcohol

Stress and alcohol

Sober holiday season

Women and alcohol


Meditation and prayer

And much more !

You’ll hear about Tamara:

Tamara is a loving Mom who started drinking and experimenting with LSD and marijuana at age 12. Over time she became dependent on alcohol and by age of 22 she believed she could be an alcoholic. She couldn’t quit even when she tried.

But the programs she attended didn’t fully align with her beliefs and she struggled following the rules of patriarchal programs that didn’t speak her language around the universe and spirituality. She also felt too young and out of place at meetings.

You’ll hear why she decided to change her life, to escape from her alcoholism, and how she went about it using her own ideas and her own approach.

Today, she is no longer an alcoholic, and believe it or not, occasionally enjoys one glass of wine.

It’s a truly inspiring success story of great personal courage and a tribute to human potential.”

What Our Clients Say

How Will You Feel, Where Might You Be,
At The End Of The Month?

Personal Benefits - Happiness, Clarity, Productivity

Although this is only for a month, many people gain huge insights and benefits from a dry month, and if you join The Dry Challenge, you’ll also have access to many additional resources and info. 

People can experience all sorts of cool things when they stop drinking for even one month. Read through these benefits below, and imagine this being you at the end of the month:

Physical & Health Benefits

Imagine the New You, Your Future Self, In One Month!

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