Are You Carrying Long-Term Stress?

It’s common for people to feel stressed when difficult events occur in their lives, but these  events tend to be for a specific period of time rather than lifelong. A different kind of stress is long-term or underlying stress, which can arise from several sources including: 

  • A mismatch between your beliefs and your current circumstances – what you want vs what you have and where you’re at
  • Fears, many of which can be overcome
  • Limiting beliefs which can also be overcome. 

Are you carrying long-term stress that undermines and even sabotages your happiness, satisfaction and joy, and keeps you from living your best life?

What's Your Stress Type?

 Identify and understand your particular stress type and find out what to do about it. 

  • Tailor your stress busting strategies to your stress type 
  • Unlock your potential for a more joyful, relaxed and productive life
  • Discover what causes your stress - not necessarily what you think!
  • Find out what to do about your particular kind of stress
  • Discover your pathway to a happier, more fun-filled and less-stressed life

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