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1 to 5 Stressors. Your Stress Factor =  Mild Stress. You can nip it in the bud. Notice when you feel stressed and apply the techniques in our Free Guide – FIND OUT MORE Below. 

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11 or more = Severe Stress. You are seriously stressed. It’s time to take action, see our Free Stress-Busting Guide. FIND OUT MORE Below

You’ll feel stress if you have a difficult life event or if you’re currently unhappy with key aspects of your life such as work, money, health or relationships. Underlying stress is less obvious but is equally damaging. It can arise from several sources including: 

  • A mismatch between your thoughts and your current circumstances – what you want vs your life right now
  • Fears, many of which can be overcome
  • Limiting beliefs which can also be overcome. 

Stress sabotages your happiness, satisfaction and joy, keeps you from living your best life, it can impact your sleep and weight, and it increases your risk of serious health problems. 

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