Take the Stress Assessment

It’s common for people to feel stressed when difficult events occur in their lives, but these  events tend to be for a specific period of time rather than lifelong. 

A different kind of stress is long-term or underlying stress, which can arise from several sources. Find out what your stress level is.

Check any that apply:

You have    stress-related behaviours in your life at the moment

As a guide, if you have 1 to 5 stress-related behaviours iin your life right now =  Mild stress – try to take it a bit easier. You’ll benefit from our stress reduction strategies, especially if you sometimes feel stress intensely. Check out our Stress-Busting Guide – FIND OUT MORE Below. 

6 – 10: Moderate stress – It’s time to make some changes. FIND OUT MORE Below. 

11 or more: You are seriously stressed. FIND OUT MORE Below.