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Grow Your Personal Brand
Create Irresistible Offers & Blockbuster Products
Grow Your Business – More Clients, More Income
Start Your Business
Figure Out What Kind of Business Would Be Right for You
Overcome Obstacles – Get Unstuck

An Online Course for Coaches, Entrepreneurs, Consultants, Therapists, Counselors, Healers, Light Workers ... & others

Grow your business to the next level, create and sell online courses, reach larger audiences.

Create premium offers. Find profitable, rewarding niches

Starting out? Start your business right and watch it thrive. If your business isn’t growing the way you want, find out why and what to do about it.  

If you’re not sure where to start, find out what kind of business to start! 

Overcome common obstacles & challenges

Your Personal Brand is a key ingredient in growing your business. But there’s more…

To be effective, to be noticed, to reach more people, your personal brand needs to be supported by the right strategies as you build the business of your dreams.  

In this Online Course You’ll:

  • Discover the essential ingredients
  • Discover how easy it is to create irresistible, super profitable offers
  • Overcome these 2 common problems facing entrepreneurs: Not enough clients; Not enough cash coming in. 

Who is this Course for?

...and anyone who would like to reach more people with their message, to grow from one to one work to working with groups, or to create online courses

Growing, Stuck or Starting?

Your business isn’t growing the way you want, but you can’t figure out why? 

Do you want to develop your personal brand, but you’re not sure which strategies to use? 

Want to get started but not sure how?

Want to get started but don’t know what to offer or who to offer it to? 



People often hit barriers when they start to grow and scale their business or to raise their hourly rate.

Or perhaps you’re having trouble getting it off the ground. Getting started.

Many people struggle to create or grow their business.
Businesses get stuck when launching.

Businesses get stuck when moving from one level to the next – what got you to where you are now won’t get you to the next level.


What does Stuck look like?

  • Not being able to launch or actually get the business off the ground
  • Business not growing
  • Not being able to scale from one to one to one to few or one to many offers
  • Lack of time
  • Not enough clients
  • Lack of money
  • Don’t know where or how to create a business.

These are common occurrences that can be solved with the
right tactics at the right time

Have you been looking for a system, solution, support and guidance that will help you finally bring it all together and get your business growing? Have you tried many courses and programs and courses yet are still stuck… none of these “investments” have worked the way you wanted, or were promised? 

You've already tried... 

...all to no avail?

We’ve identified two of the biggest, most common, often unrecognized barriers that stop people moving ahead, whether that’s moving from one level to the next, or starting a business. 

Once you know about these barriers and where to find them in your business, we show you how to overcome them, permanently. 

In this Online Course You'll Discover
tried and tested ways

to know whether your niche or idea is
something that people want & will pay for

Ultimately, you want what everyone wants...

And what so many programs promise.

You want to reach more people, to shape your message, financial freedom, time freedom and less stress in your life. 

Do you ever feel like...

You know you are good at what you do but struggle to consistently find clients

You watch webinars and listen to podcasts about how sales and marketing are easy but it just doesn’t work or isn’t right for you   

You spend so much time trying to learn how to run your business that it’s no fun any more and you start to lose sight of the whole reason for it – to impact the world

Do you ever feel like...

Social Media Overwhelm – new platforms, changing trends, less reach, less engagement, ever-changing algorithms – not working for you the way you want it to

You never catch up (at home, your health and fitness, client work, courses, social media posts, emails)

Doubts and Questions. You are constantly defending the legitimacy of your business to yourself, your partner and your family

You simply want to find a system that works for you. No more searching for answers.

In this course you'll discover how to take your business to the next level
or start your business, no matter where you're at right now

The specific strategies are not super complicated, but they are not widely known, understood or used and combined in the right way. 

In this 8 week course you create a unique plan to grow your business, plus you’ll have an opportunity to make back the cost of the course – by the end of the course! 

Other courses are theoretical.  This one offers you the chance to make back the cost. It’s an amazing way to turn your new knowledge into a plan that actually works. 


You’ll discover the sources and blockers of growth and expansion for your business, blockages that reduce your ability to impact more people.


You'll select the best strategy to overcome those blockages so you can get to where you want to go.


You'll discover and create elements that contribute to your plan.


We draw together your plan by the end of the course.


There are specific, essential steps, knowledge and information you need before you can successfully take the next step. 

Our research shows that few people know this.   


People often hit mental roadblocks when it comes to essential activities, especially in sales, pricing, tech and marketing.  

The concept of Inner and Outer is not new, but our process around it is. 

Why we made this course
We see the people with the same problems, time and time again

We work with amazing, extraordinary people - coaches, consultants, therapists - but many of them arrive at our digital doorstep stuck, frustrated...even despondent...
completely stuck

We realized just how widespread this is and noticed  that the same issues, problems and challenges appear over and over again. You can’t get rolling, you can’t grow and develop your business. The path to do this is clear yet you can’t find it. 

What we do every day is market and promote online offers, products courses and websites. While we certainly do coach clients one on one, that resource is quickly exhausted. We have the info that you need and we want to help you! 

Rob Turner & Trace Bradshaw

Rob’s a digital marketing specialist who creates online courses and runs a digital marketing agency. He creates online courses and specializes in funnels, SEO and Google ads. 

He has an Arts degree and a Graduate Degree in Finance with a background in entrepreneurship, business and funds management. His  pro-bono work includes directorship of a telescope company that donates profits to astronomy and communities and Chairmanship of Dementia / Alzheimer’s Auckland.  Rob has extensive board, governance and commercial experience, with his first business created in 1982 and has been self-employed ever since.

Trace has a social science and industrial relations degree  with a background in logistics then university and medical-research fund-raising – as well as well over a decade experience as a digital marketer, website designer, email marketer, Facebook ads manager and online course creator. 

Pre-Covid, Rob and Trace were digital nomads for 5 years living in Mumbai, India and the Southwest of France, travelling extensively, taking advantage of the freedom offered by working online. Does this “live and work wherever you want” lifestyle appeal to you? We’ll show you how we do it. 

To move forward in your business you need the
right timing and specific info on specific steps

In this 8 week course you’ll discover the essential elements of creating an authentic personal brand that supports your business to grow your income. 

A strong personal brand is an essential requirement for growing your business and attracting premium pricing, but a personal brand alone is nor enough. You need more …  

You need to be in a niche with strong demand. You need to talk to people who can afford what you’re offering and who are easily reached. You need a strong offer. If you have all of that, then your persuasive skills – sales and marketing – have it easy! 

In this course, you have an opportunity to create a plan that will take your business to the next level – no matter whether : any stage of business from start-up to $1m a year or more...

Grow your personal brand - move to the next level,
discover & leapfrog common blockages

Would you like a FREE course?

This is not just another theoretical course! You not only have a chance to apply this info as you go – not just another theoretical course – but you can use it to make back the cost of this course, during the course!


Make Your Money Back - Real Proof of Concept

Make Your Money Back Challenge – In this course you’ll discover ways to quickly add income to your business, so we offer a challenge – Make back the cost of this course, during the course!

What You Get in this Course

& extra Bonuses valued at $1,458 !



Experience and benefit from micro-coaching, customized to provide what you need. This is part of our paid monthly, subscription-only coaching programs, delivered to you free during this course.

In-Course Micro Coaching
Post up to 3 quick questions or clarification requests a week, in the private Facebook Group We provide a short Loom video response either directly to you or in the Facebook Group, twice a week


Using Facebook Groups

Using Facebook Groups to engage your tribe, create a community, run programs and courses and to grow your business. 

Tips, Common Mistakes, Opportunities and Growth Strategies.   


How To Live   & Work Anywhere In The World

Ever Wanted To Live And Work Overseas?  Digital Nomads: How To Live The Dream Life – Anywhere
Rob and Trace were digital nomads for 5 years pre-Covid, living in India and France. How we became digital nomads and how you can do it too. The tools, apps and strategies we used, resources, a paperless life. Getting clients ready for virtual work. How Covid has helped.


Increase Your Mailing List

How to Add 100+ New Subscribers to Your List in 30 Days. 


Story Power

How to use the power of story to convey your message.  


Content Creation



Funnels can be complex but don’t have to be.  

Discover how to create a funnel from first contact, to list building and nurturing to purchase and becoming an advocate. 


Sales Pages

Sales pages are the most popular way to sell online courses and other offers. They have a specific structure and require specific elements to be presented in a specific way. 

Discover the essential elements of a sales page.


Video Sales Pages

A video sale page can be even more effective than a sales page. Video sales pages are known as Video Sales letters or VSLs, a name which is a throwback to the days of direct mail. 

Discover  how to create a VSL that converts. 


Subscription & Membership

How to create and run Membership Programs and Recurring Subscription Offers.  


Email Marketing

Email Marketing and Using Email Automation as part of a sales funnel. 


Drive Traffic

10 Powerful Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Website


Social Media

Growing your business using social media.



Search Engine Optimization – SEO


Thought Leadership

Thought Leadership using LinkedIn.


Inner Game Collection

Passion to Profit
The Power of Passion
Journal for Success
New You

Inner Peace
Combat Stress



If you give this course a try and decide that it’s not for you, we’ll give you your money back. No questions asked.

The money-back guarantee applies to full-pay students who enroll for $1,997 and can be exercised any time prior to day 10 of the course being released. Details below. 


You can get your money back! during the course itself.

We offer you the opportunity to make back the cost of the course by applying what you learn, as you go!  We guide you to creating and selling an offer using the info contained in the course.

This is not just another theoretical course!

The Guarantee is available to within the first 3 Modules, that is up to and including the first Money Money Money Module which is delivered on day 9. If after completing at least the first module, you decide that this course is not for you, we offer a no questions asked 100% money back guarantee on the condition that you at least gave it a try – by having read the emails to date, viewed the module videos and completed the worksheets up to the time you wish to cancel.

What Our Clients Say

Case Studies

A central city venue needed more bookings, things were quiet.

We identified their most lucrative bookings. It’s a popular place for parties. Big O birthday parties  – 30ths, 40ths, 50ths and also 21sts – are big parties which means bigger bar sales and bigger profits.

We created a Facebook ad campaign targeting people who were currently 20, 29, 39 and 49 years old, living within a 15-mile radius of the venue, showcasing awesome birthday celebrations.

We ran Facebook retargeting ads to people who responded to the initial ads, using a follow-on message.

The response was huge – the venue was booked out for Friday and Saturday nights 6 months out. That had never happened before.

For this client, Facebook ads and retargeting were the best channel.

We were talking with a small family business that manufactures, sells and leases machinery used on construction and industrial sites.

They compete with 2 well-resourced international companies which use Google search ads. I noticed that the competitors’ websites were not doing very well in free search – it was obvious that they hadn’t optimized their websites to be found in free search (SEO). Instead, they were relying on buying keywords – Google search ads.

We decided on a simple plan that would be quick to implement with a high potential return. Their website didn’t have many pages and had little content so we decided on a quick search engine optimization, starting with a few main elements. That night I undertook keyword research and wrote home page content.

It usually takes awhile for optimization to deliver more free search traffic but in this case there was little competition for the main keywords. Opportunity!

Even before we had completed the site optimization (tags etc), the new home page content was having an immediate impact – the phone started ringing, they received more inquiries than ever before.

For this client, keyword-based marketing was the best channel.

A client introduced a new product in a niche with high consumer demand and premium margins. There was fierce competition.

Our client’s competitors and their branded products were already well established. Keyword research showed people even searching for competitors’ product names.

Sales of the new product did not start well for our client despite attractive pricing. Competing products were selling very well so we knew the consumer demand was there.

We decided on an online advertising campaign. We couldn’t get specific enough targeting with Facebook ads so instead, we focused on gaining a deep understanding of why people buy this product and what words they were searching for online. Not the actual product, but why people want it.

  • What problems were customers trying to solve?
  • What pain were they trying to avoid?
  • What advantages and benefits were they trying to gain?
  • What problems were customers trying to solve?

We created a keyword triggered Google search ad campaign.

We used researched keywords at every step from the keyword auctions to the ad copy to the landing page, which is essential for Google search ad performance. Google require it and customers respond to it.

Sales started rising steadily and have kept on rising.

Imagine how your business and life can be
Imagine having the business of your dreams

You’ll discover what’s missing from this picture, what’s getting in the way of it, and how to fix it!

Once you have the missing ingredients, you’re on your way to creating your Dream Business, to work with your ideal clients, to finding true meaning in your work.

You’re starting to make an impact at the level and scale you truly desire. You will have created a canvas to write on.

Build a compelling, authentic personal brand that supports your business

Overcome limiting beliefs

Eliminate imposter syndrome

Find your "why"

Create steps to financial freedom

In this course you create a plan to take you to take your business where you want to go. Whatever was holding you back…will be but a memory. 

Apply the course as you go, to make back the cost so the course is free – or even turn a profit in your course investment.

The course is 8 weeks. You receive 2 modules per week. 

The modules include a video to watch and these average 30 minutes in length.

Included in the modules are

  1. A video  
  2. A sound file – mp3 to listen anywhere 
  3. Transcript 
  4. Worksheet
  5. Slide deck. 
Course Feedback

Jessica: “Module 2 alone is worth the entire cost of the course” 

Jerry: “Nobody else is doing what you’re doing in this course!” 

Julia: “This course is cool. The flow is nice. The worksheets are helpful. The info is right on.” 

You'll be moving forward with your business, a business designed to suit you !
Realize your potential, reach more people & impact more lives