Belief Alchemy

Create The Life You Truly Desire

What do you truly desire?

You might desire wonderful relationships, excellent health, romance, perhaps spiritual growth or a deeper sense of meaning and purpose, money, a true sense of security (which as it turns out, has nothing to do with money), and a fulfilling and satisfying daily life experience. A life filled with fun and joy.

And how do you go about
getting it?

Do you have the life that you truly desire? 

Do you feel that you have yet to become all you could be, your best self? 

Do you feel that there is more?

Do you feel that you could be happier? More fulfilled? More free? 

Imagine a life filled with more joy, fun, love, freedom, growth, creativity and purpose 

This is available to us all. 

But how ?

Are you overflowing with the
joy of life?

Perhaps you felt that way when you were younger, but many of us don’t manage to keep this feeling into our 40s and beyond.  

People’s horizons tend to shrink as they age, they become increasingly disconnected, and often increasingly fearful. 

It doesn’t have to be this way!

Discover why this is and what to do about it

Belief Alchemy is a process that enables you to turn unwanted aspects of your life into truly desired aspects, into the life you truly desire and truly deserve.


  • By identifying and overcoming limiting beliefs, hidden fears, insidious stress, root causes of unhappiness   
  • By discovering and applying unique processes to do this – to identify and overcome limiting beliefs and fears, and turn them around – turn them into the life you’d prefer to be living, becoming the best you.

With Belief Alchemy You Can...

  • Feel More Free. Discover a Powerful Sense of Inner Freedom  
  • Boost Your Creativity. Create At Will  
  • Live More Purposefully
  • Develop a Deep Sense of Happiness and Joy.  
This is our birthright. Sadly, many people, perhaps most people, are not experiencing it. But You Can. 

Many people experience only a fraction of the inner freedom that is available to them. Discover why so many people live small, limited lives and how to escape this. 

Many people experience only a fraction of the inner freedom that is available to them. Discover why so many people live small, limited lives and how to escape this

What’s holding you back from being your best and happiest self, from being all you could be? From Creating the Life You Truly Desire?   

  • Core limiting beliefs that you’re not consciously aware of 

  • Fears that stop you from taking the steps to live the life you truly desire. Many fears won’t be obvious to you, some might even appear to be good “reasons” for not doing things that could take you forward, but they all hold you back  

  • Stress. Do you live with frequent or constant worries and elevated stress levels? Maybe you’ve gotten so used to it that you’re not even aware of it. Stress robs you of happiness, joy and creativity   

  • Unhelpful mental habits, unhelpful thoughts, unhelpful perspectives  

  • Regret, disappointment and resentment over what happened in the past – past relationships, past events and missed opportunities. You can move past these and convert them, alchemise them, into the life you truly desire. Likewise, you can dissolve your worries about the future. True inner freedom is attained when you no longer have any negative views on your past, present or future. This might sound like an unattainable position but it is possible. Imagine it! Imagine how light and free you would feel. 

Discover how to identify, overcome and transmute limiting beliefs, stress, fear, worries, regret and resentment into a life of joy, ease, satisfaction, happiness, fun, purpose and creativity – belief alchemy. 


There’s plenty of advice available when it comes to the benefits of changing your thoughts and of overcoming fears and limiting beliefs in order to change your life. 

But there’s little useful advice on how to actually do this, especially when it comes to changing your thoughts and identifying and overcoming your limiting beliefs. 

  • How do you change your thoughts? Positive mental attitude isn’t enough, goal setting won’t do it and affirmations aren’t enough either  
  • How do you identify and overcome your fears? 
  • How do you identify and overcome your limiting beliefs? 

Has any method worked for you so far? 

In the “Belief Alchemy” book you’ll discover unique processes to enable you to: 

  • Change your thoughts 

  • Identify and overcome fears that hold you back

  • Identify and overcome limiting beliefs

  • Create powerful new beliefs.    

This is how you can create the life you truly desire. 



In this book you’ll discover a unique process to identify and overcome limiting beliefs:

The 5 Keys. 

The 5 Keys enable you to discover limiting beliefs including core, hidden limiting beliefs, and to overcome them permanently. 

This is a unique process that once mastered, you can use time and time again as you uncover and work through your limiting beliefs. We all have them and they hold us back, condemning us to living a small life rather than an expansive life. 

You’ll also discover how to turn negative events and feelings, stress and regret, into empowering beliefs.


  • Living the life that you truly desire
  • Wonderful, loving relationships 
  • Becoming all you can be 
  • Being happy and satisfied
  • Living a life of ease 
  • Creativity and joy flowing freely
  • A purposeful life. 

It’s possible. 


Belief Alchemy: A new way to find balance and purpose in your life. 

Overcome Limiting Beliefs, Fear, Worry, Regret, Resentment and Stress to Become the Best You – A life of Happiness, Joy, Fun, Purpose, Creativity and Freedom. This is Belief Alchemy! 


Create a life full of abundance, love, acceptance, confidence, passion and exhilaration. 


A Pathway to Personal Transformation, More Happiness, Freedom, Clarity, Purpose and Creativity  

“Belief Alchemy” is an 80,000 word eBook with Guided Meditations and an

implementation workbook so you can apply the ideas as you read.  

Each chapter has a corresponding Workbook assignment for you to implement the ideas as you go. Or you can simply read the book and apply as and when you wish.     

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80,000 word eBook

10 Guided Meditations 

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Limited Time Bonus: Get the “Belief Alchemy” Implementation Workbook Free. Value $10. Implement Belief Alchemy as you read. 


Bonus – Free Workbook

Book Topics Include 

  • Money, Relationships and Health – Mastering and balancing the Big Three in Your Life
  • Identifying and Overcoming Limiting Beliefs That Are Holding You Back 
  • Romantic Relationships, Soulmates
  • The Key To Loving Romantic Relationships       
  • How Do You Want To Feel Today? You Can Decide       
  • Loss of The Joy of Life – and Recapturing It 
  • Overcoming Depression Case Study 
  • A Perspective on Grief  
  • Creative Flow and “Writers’ Block”  
  • Neutrality and Acceptance  
  • Resistance and Ease 
  • Alcohol and Stress 
  • How Stress Robs Us of A Full and Happy Life
  • The Real Causes of Your Stress (Not Necessarily What You Think)  
  • Find Out What To Do About Your Particular Kind of Stress
  • How Your Sense of Identity Can Help or Hinder You 
  • Harnessing Brain Science 
  • Entropy and Stagnation 
  • The Origin of the Universe. Energy, Matter, Atoms And Subatomic Particles – and Why This Matters 
  • Sleep, Dreams and Astral Projection 
  • Create Your Own Transformational Pathway Towards The Life You Truly Desire

You’ll also receive a Workbook to apply the ideas in this book.  

Book Techniques Include 

  • How to change unhelpful thoughts 
  • How to identify fears that are holding you back, including hidden fears 
  • How to overcome fears 
  • How to identify limiting beliefs including core limiting beliefs 
  • How to overcome limiting beliefs that have been holding you back 
  • How to create powerful new beliefs
  • How to identify the difference between thoughts and beliefs and how they affect each other
  • How to convert negative aspects of your life into positive ones – alchemise fears, stress and limiting beliefs into the life you truly desire.  

The 5 Keys is a unique process to identify and overcome limiting beliefs. 

10 Guided Meditations Including:

  • Stress Relief 
  • Releasing Emotions 
  • Letting Go of Regret
  • Calm 
  • Muscle Relaxation 
  • Sleep. 

This book introduces a series of proven practical ideas and actions that you can combine to create your own pathway to personal transformation – to a happier, more joyful, more creative and less-stressed life. 

Most days you receive a chapter and a short assignment. Work at your own pace or follow the daily emails. There are also catch-up days scheduled. 

No big changes are required, just subtle shifts in thinking and a few minutes each day. 

Limited Time Offer: Save 33% Today. 

Usually $30, right now just $19.97 with this coupon code: Special 

eBook, Daily Exercises and 10 meditations. 

Usually $30. 

33% off with coupon, today pay just $19.97. 

Limited Time Bonus: Get the “Belief Alchemy” Implementation Workbook Free. Value $19.97. Implement Belief Alchemy as you read.


Money of course, but also satisfying relationships, a true sense of security (which has nothing to do with money), excellent health, wonderful relationships, perhaps spiritual growth or a deeper sense of meaning and purpose, and a fulfilling and satisfying daily life experience.

No, the workbook is an optional extra for people who want to apply what they read in the book as they go.

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You can email our support team with any questions about payment, refunds, the guarantee, the course and access to it. When you purchase the book you’ll be provided with support access.  

From time to time, Rob offers opportunities for readers to ask him questions about the content of the book and their own journeys. Usually this is via Zoom.


Robert J. Turner is a writer, coach and adviser for people who are seeking the best out of life, to be their best selves.  After years of coaching and online course creation, this is Rob’s first book and in it he draws together everything that he’s shared with his clients over several decades. 

Rob’s earlier background was in finance and investment markets, then online marketing and advertising, all of which he found interesting and rewarding, but never truly satisfying, not his purpose.  

Rob trained in co-counselling, a personal change methodology based on reciprocal peer counselling. It uses a set of tools, processes and agreements that enable two people to achieve meaningful breakthroughs by spending time together in sessions where they process and resolve personal issues, distress and unhelpful patterns. He facilitated men’s courses throughout the 90s, in men’s relationships with parents, the causes of emotional isolation, the often-limited nature of male friendship and the need to integrate the male archetypes – King, Warrior, Magician and Lover – to attain mature masculine strength. 

Rob’s academic studies include linguistics, languages, social anthropology, sociology, art, literature, non-verbal communication, finance and economics. He’s worked exrensively with business owners since the 1980s, with a focus was on business continuity, structuring loans, tax shelters and investment portfolios. After exiting his interests in a private investment portfolio management business, Rob found time to bring his extensive business experience to many not-for-profit charities.

More recently, Rob has been coaching people on identifying and processing limiting beliefs and the ideas now shared in this book. Diverse sources of wisdom inform Rob’s work with people seeking more from their lives.  

For the last 10 years he and his wife Trace have roamed the world as digital nomads, with clients around the world. These days Rob writes books and articles and coaches a small number of individual clients.  


“I was in the investment industry for many years. 

It was intellectually stimulating. It was satisfying creating new products from an idea. It was exciting building a business. The money, power and status were alluring. 

But…I always knew it was not my calling. Not everything I really desired. It was a wonderful step along the way, but it wasn’t the full expression of who I truly am, and I yearned for that. I was always thinking that I don’t want to go to my grave with my song unsung. But at that time, I didn’t know what my “song” was. 

This work, life-path creation and finding  meaning and purpose, sharing it, this is it! 

I have discovered a series of highly effective tools and techniques that enable people to create a life full of joy, freedom, abundance, love, acceptance, passion, confidence and exhilaration. 

It’s all in my new book ‘Belief Alchemy.’

One day late in 2023 I started writing a blog about stress. As I wrote, more and more words flew out of my fingertips and next thing you know I had an 80,000 word book!” 

What Rob's Clients Say

The Life You Truly Desire: It’s Possible. Discover how to create and live a happy life  


  • Unlock your potential for a more joyful, relaxed and productive life  
  • Discover what causes your stress – not necessarily what you think! 
  • Find out what to do about your particular kind of stress
  • Discover your pathway to a happier, more fun-filled, creative, purposeful life. 


Save 33% Today.  

Save 33% Today. Usually $30, right now just $19.97 with this coupon code: Special 

eBook, Daily Exercises and 10 meditations. 

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