5 main reasons why websites don’t generate enough new customers and what to do about it

Here are the 5 reasons, and below are solutions for each:

  1. Not enough traffic from free search
  2. Website is slow to load or not easy enough to use on mobile, so people leave
  3. Not advertising in the right places, wasting budget, not getting the right visitors  
  4. Website not set up for conversion, not clear what people should do when they get to the site or why they should do it
  5. Not building lists for marketing with email or messenger, not using pixels and tags for re-advertising.


Not enough traffic from free search
The basics of search success are simple enough. You could even do some yourself, although most businesses outsource it.

To be listed in search results pages and to get conversions, you need to use the right words in 4 specific places on your website:

  1. Page titles
  2. Meta descriptions
  3. Header tags
  4. Page content.

Conversion means persuading people to click to your site. It involves writing 30 to 40 important words, the kind of words you probably already use in ads and promotions. Use them in page titles and meta descriptions. Read more about finding the right words and where to use them on your website (link to the more free traffic lead magnet)

Slow to load, not easy to use on mobile

When people do get to your site, they’ll give up and leave if it’s slow to load or if they can’t so what they want to on a mobile.

These factors don’t just annoy website visitors, they’re also Google search ranking factors.

Ensure a quality user experience with a fast loading website, a SSL certificate and a mobile design that makes your site easy to use on a phone. Try it yourself, try doing the things that you want visitors to do on your site.

The solutions to slow load speed are unique to each site, talk to your developer. Common causes of slow load speed include

  • Large images
  • Fetching 3rd party apps and tools like maps
  • Too many add-ons and plugins
  • Low spec hosting.

Not advertising in the right places
Facebook and Google are the dominant ad platforms. Here’s how to know which one is better for you.

  • Are there many people searching online for what you’re selling? If so, start with Google search ads.
  • Would people buy what you’re selling if only they knew about it? If so, start with Facebook ads. Tip: for best results, don’t just boost posts, use Ads Manager and make proper ads.

Read more about Facebook Ads vs Google Ads and which one is best for you (link to lead magnet on Fb vs Google)

Website not set up for conversion, not clear what you want people to do or why they should do it  

What do you want people to do when they get to your page?

  • Ensure that you have a clear and appealing conversion path, make sure it’s obvious what you want people to do and that’s it’s easy for them to do it, every step of the way.

Not using list marketing eg email and messenger.

  • Use opt-in gifts to acquire names and email addresses or messenger opt-ins.
  • Use pixels and tags to create re-targeting audiences.