Prosperity Lab offers opportunities for both your business and you personally – courses and coaching for Business Growth and Life-Change. 

Life Change work includes overcoming limiting beliefs, life-purpose discovery and simply – how to be happier every day. 

Business courses include Grow your Business and Personal Brand and Traffic Lab, a DIY marketing masterclass for entrepreneurs, also a number of individual DIY online marketing courses.

We’re part of the Turner Media Group which includes a done for you digital agency and online directories.

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Rob Turner, Founder

Rob’s unique method draws on his wide experience working with clients in different contexts from business to communication to personal growth and spirituality.

Rob’s had his own business for 40 years. He’s worked with business people since the 1980s. Previously, his focus was on succession planning, business continuity, structuring loans, tax and investment portfolios.

In more recent times, Rob developed a digital marketing agency and a number of directory websites. These days Rob works with individual clients and their personal journeys. How to create the life they truly desire. His first book has been published. 

Rob has a BA and a Graduate Degree in Finance. His university studies include finance, economics, linguistics, social anthropology, sociology and non-verbal communication.

He grew a private investment portfolio management business and exited his stake in a VC buyout in 2004, which allowed him to semi-retire for a number of years and to travel (and ski) extensively. In 2007, after selling his investment business, Rob invested in a website and started online marketing. In time this led him to create an online marketing and website creation business.

He’s been on many Boards, including  charitable organizations for dementia, diabetes, astronomy and dark skies. With his partner Trace, Rob has been travelling and living in different countries since 2017, mainly in India and France. They hail from Aotearoa New Zealand. 

Co-Counselling & Men's Work

Rob is trained in co-counselling, a personal change methodology based on reciprocal peer counselling. It uses a set of tools, processes and agreements that enable two people to achieve meaningful breakthroughs by spending time together in sessions where they process and resolve personal issues, distress and unhelpful patterns.

Rob facilitated men’s courses throughout the 90s. These courses delved into our relationships with our parents, the causes of emotional isolation that many men feel, the nature of male friendship and the need to integrate the male archetypes to attain mature masculine strength.

Rob's "Why"

“I was in the investment industry for many years. It was intellectually stimulating. It was satisfying creating new products from an idea. It was exciting building a business. 

But…I always knew it was not my calling. Cool – but not everything I really desired. It was an amazing step along the way, but it wasn’t the full expression of who I truly am, and I yearned for that. This work, life-path coaching around meaning and purpose, this is it!!”

If any of this sounds like you, then you’re ready for the next stage of your journey.

Are you wondering how to get started on the next phase of your life?       Do you want to discover more fun and happiness?        Do you want to understand why you sometimes feel impatient, a yearning, unhappy?

Give me a half an hour and I’ll tell you why – and what to do about it. Grab a time here, it’s free and I guarantee it’ll be interesting!

Trace Bradshaw

Trace’s work background is in university fund-raising for medical and scientific research and for the last 15 years, Facebook and email, marketing, website design and creation and online course creation. She’s also a website funnel, Facebook ads and email marketing coach.

Trace is a writer, beekeeper, gardener and keen fly fisher. With Rob, she’s been a digital nomad since 2017, living mostly in India and France.

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